You can’t afford to keep doing the same old thing

90% less email and interruptions related to sharing data and finding/resetting passwords
3-6 hours more productivity each month per employee
5x more access to data with 75% less effort per employee
50% less time for assistants to book travel & accomplish other information rich tasks
300% faster onboarding of new employees, consultants clients & visitors
5-7 information look ups per day per employee

Frequently Asked Questions

Not really. Once you set up a team or join a team, you’ll be surprised how much information you start getting access to without entering yourself.

You can create empty data bundles for your team (or yourself if you have an admin or family member to help) and invite others to help you complete the information.

A lot of people even enjoy creating data for others to use, knowing it is organized and easy to update for everyone.

Finally, our professional data services team and our certified partners are available to help with initial team set up and non-sensitive data entry.
TeamData helps you manage over 1,200 different types of data for thousands of different information-related tasks, not just passwords and more limited types of information. Our browser extension supports some autofill of passwords and credit cards and makes instant copy and pasting easy for other data easy.

That said, you can keep using your favorite password manager or autofill in your browser. Just make sure to add new team passwords (e.g. new software services at the office or the company financial accounts) to TeamData and to copy updated passwords from other team members into your password manager when they change.
It’s really no contest for information that others also need. TeamData is designed for easy, secure organization, collaboration and granular sharing at work -- and even by families or teams outside of the office.

Spreadsheets, documents, digital notebooks, address book contact cards and the like are usually a mix of information only you need, along with some shared data. Everyone generally has their own hacked together version that has to be managed separately and can only be shared as an entire document.

Even spreadsheets or documents stored in the cloud and set up for collaboration were not designed for secure, reuse of data across an organization, and can waste far more time and create far more risk than you realize.
At TeamData, nothing is more important than the security of your data. We have spent years studying and designing the most comprehensive security approaches to protect teams while ensuring that information is still convenient to access and use.

Centralized management and security is simply the best way to get control of the information that is already exposed every day through emails and insecure storage systems while providing a systematic way to organize, share and update across your company or team. Our Privacy by Design architecture was designed to even keep you safe from TeamData employees.

TeamData will also provide you a 360-degree view of who has access to information so you can ensure they have what they need while limiting or revoking access when necessary. To learn more about our security, please visit
Granular permissions and control are at the heart of TeamData, along with transparent, clear rules so you always understand who has access to information, if anyone. You decide for all data you create in TeamData whether it should be shared, and whether that person has the right to reshare or edit your information.

Please note that some data bundles are clearly identified as company or team data, so if you add information to those bundles the information will be controlled and owned by the company. Again, you can decide whether to add data in that way, and any information you create solely in your own account cannot be seen by anyone other than with whom you explicitly share.

Regarding access to your account, only you have the keys to unlock your account. Whether you are the admin for the company account or an individual employee, TeamData does not store your Master Password and cannot access your sensitive data and files. So we cannot grant access to your account or to data in your account to someone you have not shared with as a logged-in user, including your employer.
TeamData does not store a copy of your Master Password for your own security and protection. If we did, it would be technically possible for us or someone else to gain access to your account, which is simply not a risk we are willing to take.

As a result, your sensitive information and files that are not shared with other team members will be lost should you ever lose your password and have to reset it.