A New Model Designed for Security, Trust & Control

"[A company] that doesn't snoop…or sell data."

- NPR's Marketplace Tech

Only you hold the keys to your TeamData account

  • Our Owner Data Agreement provides your legal right to own the data you store
  • TeamData purposely locks ourselves out of your sensitive data and files
  • Supports both company ownership of corporate data and employee ownership of private data

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Bank-level security, and then some...

  • Your sensitive data and files are protected with the same encryption used by banks
  • TeamData doesn’t store Master Passwords
  • Eliminates the need for employees to store their own copy of sensitive company, client and vendor data
  • Sharing with TeamData is far safer than email, texts or messaging

Ownership and robust permissions are built into the product

  • Company data is identified and automatically saved to the company account
  • Employees can create data for themselves, the company and smaller teams
  • Granular permissions enable both collaboration, with real-time updates, and view-only sharing – and you can stop sharing anytime

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