Security & Privacy by Design

Not just a mantra. It’s built into our tech & business.

Security, privacy & collaboration

  • Designed from day 1 with security & privacy at every level of our stack (tech & business)
  • Our platform makes your app more secure
  • User data is the user’s business – never ours
  • User-centric, user-driven model plugs holes that make companies more vulnerable to breaches

How we do it

  • RSA-2048 asymmetric key encryption for user accounts
  • Sensitive user data is protected with unique 256-bit AES keys for each Gem (set of data fields)
  • All data is protected in transit with minimum 128-bit SSL encryption & forward secrecy
  • Master Passwords are hashed using bcrypt with salting and stretching & never stored
  • We have no way to decrypt users’ sensitive data or files
  • Only users can share their data and files

We use Rackspace to securely host user data

  • 24/7 physical & biometric protections
  • Firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and an array of other safeguards
  • Certifications include E.U.-U.S. Safe Harbor, SSAE16 Type II SOC1, 2 & 3, & PCI compliance

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