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Individual Personal Subscriptions

Individual subscriptions to Personal are free of charge. (Psst: The rest of this page doesn't apply to you).

Personal for Business (Employees)

The most current pricing for Personal for Business (Employees) can be found here


Personal accepts credit card payments for Personal for Business (Employees) subscriptions through our third-party payment processor, You authorize us to have your credit card charged, and we will notify you of significant changes in price. Personal may also periodically authorize your credit card in anticipation of account or related charges.

Depending on your choice, your card will be automatically charged on an annual or monthly basis. If any fee is not paid in a timely manner, or is unable to process your transaction using the credit card information provided for payment, Personal reserves the right to convert your account to a free account, thus removing Personal for Business (Employees) features, or suspend or terminate it.

If we are unable to process a renewal to your subscription, you will be notified at your primary email address. It is your responsibility to ensure your primary email address for your account is kept current.


Personal will bill the monthly or annual fees for your account plus any applicable tax to the credit card you provide. Fees will be billed on each monthly or annual renewal date thereafter unless and until you cancel your account. Click the link on the "Account" page in your web cloud at to see the date for your next renewal period.

All fees and charges are prepaid and nonrefundable. PERSONAL DOES NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR ANY PARTIAL MONTHS OR YEARS. Personal may change the fees and charges in effect, or add new fees and charges from time to time, and these Pricing Terms and Conditions at any time. Your continued use of the Personal Service after any such changes constitutes your consent to such changes.

To change your credit card information, you must do so through the web version of your "Account" page at If your credit card reaches its expiration date, we may attempt to contact you to update your information using your primary email address in your account. Again, it is your responsibility to keep your contact information and payment information current.


Your Personal for Business (Employees) account will continue in effect unless and until it is cancelled or terminated or converted to a free account. You must cancel before renewal each month or year to avoid having the next month's or year's fees billed to your credit card.

You may cancel your Personal for Business (Employees) account at any time, and cancellation will be effective immediately. You can do so at your "Account" page on the web version at

By signing up for a Personal for Business (Employees) account and providing your payment information to, you hereby agree to these payment terms and conditions, which are incorporated into Personal's Terms of Use.