Becomes TeamData

Launches new suite of products to solve how companies and employees organize, share and protect information they constantly need

May 25, 2016 (Washington, DC) - today announced that it is exiting its consumer business to focus on workplace productivity, collaboration and security. The company and its products will now be called TeamData (the company will retain its Personal, Inc. corporate name).

The company also announced the release of a new suite of products for information management and collaboration in the office, including TeamData for the web (, iOS, Android, Office 365, and extensions for major browsers.

"Until now, productivity and collaboration solutions could not solve the fundamental information management problem inside companies because they do not understand data and were not designed to protect it. Every person has had to rely on their own unencrypted spreadsheets and documents to try to organize information they need while depending on email to share or request new information," said Shane Green, co-founder and CEO of TeamData. "TeamData allows teams to work together for the first time to create and set permissions to reusable data for literally thousands of tasks."

Among the benefits seen by customers of TeamData:

• 90% less email and interruptions related to sharing data and finding/resetting passwords/p>

• 3-6 hours more productivity each month per employee

• 5x more access to data with 75% less effort per employee

• 50% less time for assistants to book travel & accomplish other information rich tasks

• 3x faster onboarding of new employees, consultants, vendors and clients

• 5-7 information look ups per day per employee

TeamData’s networked, structured data can be reused over and over across an entire company with granular sharing. Everyone with permission automatically has access to the most up to date version when anyone makes a change, and access can easily be revoked. Employees can also use TeamData accounts to manage information in their private life, and maintain access to their private data should they leave a company.

The shift to business solutions follows a $3.7M venture round last year led by Eric Anderson, known for his investments and leadership in advanced software development technology platforms, artificial intelligence, commercial space ventures including orbital space tourism and asteroid mining, renewable energy, and on-demand fuel delivery services.

"Virtually every task these days requires sensitive information to complete, from logging into company accounts, making payments and setting up a new device to filling out forms or applying for a business loan," said Eric Anderson, who serves as Chairman of TeamData. "Increasingly, that information is needed by multiple people, including externally. Companies of all sizes simply can’t afford to keep doing things the old way given the magnitude of savings and reduced liability."

"There is literally only one copy of the company name, address and Federal Tax ID in a TeamData graph. One instance of the company social media account logins, demo server credentials, and visitor wi-fi. And so on, for over 1,200 different types of data covering thousands of different tasks," said Tarik Kurspahic, co-founder and CTO of TeamData. "It's a new way of thinking about data and will unleash entirely new kinds of innovation." originally captured the market's attention with its goal of empowering individuals with their data, as well as its privacy by design architecture. Its Personal Cloud & Data Vault app helped consumers organize data and automatically complete online forms. The platform and data library serve as the technical foundation of TeamData.

About TeamData
TeamData by Personal, Inc. is revolutionizing the way businesses, employees and teams of all kinds co-manage and collaborate on the essential data. Built on an award-winning privacy- and security-by-design platform, TeamData dramatically boosts productivity, reduces wasted time and hassle, and unlocks entirely new data-driven experiences. TeamData is based in Washington, DC and Seattle.