TeamData changes the way teams manage information

Build and manage teams to allow for rich data sharing and collaboration to get work done

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All your company data in one secure place

Live, networked data ensures information is always up to date.

No spread sheets, documents or other hacked solutions.

Build your team quickly and easily

Each team member gets their own private TeamData account linked to the company account.

Add team members by email, CSV file import or self registration with company email address.

Granular access to data

Team management features allow admins to grant team member access to specific data – and stop access whenever necessary.

Employees can create data owned by the company

Team members can create data owned by the company and manage data their own private data in the same account.

Different levels of permissions

Team members can grant permission to collaborate on data (i.e. edit and re-share) or just view only access.

Smart notifications

Real-time mobile and email notifications let you know what’s changed in the data in your TeamData account.

Organize & collaborate using data Bundles

Dozens of templates make it easy for you and your team to organize, share and collaborate on data.

Reusable data building blocks

Team members only have to enter data once and share to allow others to use over and over – data always stays in sync.

Real time updates

Always have to most up to date data whenever, wherever you need it.