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" well and securely." - Forbes

Personal for your employees

  • Supercharge office productivity with a company account
  • Improve security & get control over "shadow IT"
  • Admin controls to manage users & company data
  • Simple, affordable SaaS pricing
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Personal for your customers

  • Increase engagement & retention by offering branded versions of Personal to your consumer and business customers
  • Reduce costs & improve data accuracy with 2-way APIs for sharing info & docs
  • Drive revenue by making it easy to complete forms & apply for other products
  • Flexible pricing designed to meet your budget
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Personal for your prospects

  • Increase conversion rates by double digits with embedded autofill on your forms
  • Securely capture & instantly reuse data across forms without backend integration
  • Get leads with data securely from aggregators with a few lines of code
  • Per transaction or revenue share pricing
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Personal is a recognized leader in privacy and security

  • Built from the ground up with privacy and security by design architecture
  • Our business model does not require access to user data
  • Only users have the keys to their individual Personal Clouds
  • Only admins have the keys to team accounts
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