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August 17, 2017 techeu and Personal merge to create single data control service
August 17, 2017 Washington Business Journal This District data privacy company has merged into
August 17, 2017 Tech Crunch and Personal merge to put you in control of the nascent ‘personal data ecosystem’
August 10, 2017 mwcamericas Shane Green to Speak at Inaugural Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco
July 21, 2017 K(NO)W Are The Personal Data Economy at K(NO)W Identity Conference (Video)
July 1, 2016 MasterCard Biz Are Your Cloud Files Safe? How To Know
April 7, 2016 onboardly All Time Best Tools for Content Marketing Teams
January 18, 2016 Tnooz Airbnb owner app launched by Personal
December 16, 2015 Trailblazers National Law Journal Names Galper Cybersecurity and Privacy Trailblazer
November 23, 2015 Tech Cocktail DC’s Personal Launches New Cloud-Based Platform
November 23, 2015 Network World New Products of the Week
November 17, 2015 mrc's Cup of Joe Blog 5 (more) common ways businesses abuse spreadsheets
May 1, 2015 Bisnow Top Washington Corporate Counsel
April 9, 2015 UnboundID Doc Searls to Businesses: Respect Customer Data Privacy
November 14, 2014 Tech Cocktail Personal launches Fill It Mobile iOS
November 13, 2014 Privacy Identity Innovation (pii) 2014 Putting Individuals in Charge: Inside the Personal Data Economy
October 8, 2014 ZDNet Intel execs on big data and privacy: It's a balancing act
September 22, 2014 Techradar Breaking down barriers: how mobility is transforming the way we work
August 27, 2014 AARP Emergency Travel Trips
August 25, 2014 Tech Cocktail Personal's 'Fill It' Now Available on Mobile for Form Filling On the Go
August 12, 2014 Yahoo! Tech This Story Probably Won't Make You Change Your Passwords
August 1, 2014 Time How to Take Control of Your Personal Data
July 31, 2014 Techlicious Take Control of Your Personal Data
July 22, 2014 Scientific American 3 Projects Prove Privacy Is Not Dead
July 11, 2014 Forbes The Wonder (And Woes) Of Encrypted Cloud Storage
June 16, 2014 Tech Cocktail DC-Based Personal Launches Fill It for Quick and Safe Auto-Filling on Online Forms
June 2014 The Economist The Impact of Cloud
June 2014 Frog Tech Trends 2014
May 22, 2014 IT Web Data: digital underground's new currency
May 2014 Microsoft Microsoft Advertising Digital Trends
May 2014 Microsoft Right to Anonymity What's New!
April 2014 The Aspen Institute The Weightless Marketplace
March 20, 2014 Open Data Now Big Data: How Open Will the Future be?
January 13, 2014 Fast Company 7 Tools That Let You Control Your Own Data
January 2, 2014 Open Data Now 6 New Year's Strategies for Open Data Entrepreneurs
November 13, 2013 ZwillGen Blog Zwillgen Presents At National Law Journal Regulatory Summit On 2013 Privacy Regulation
October 29, 2013 Fortune Ad Exchanger Why (Most) Data Lockers Are An Uphill Battle As A Marketing Tool
October 17, 2013 Fortune Term Sheet Venture capital deals
October 16, 2013 Capital Business The Download: A string of Washington area companies collect venture capital investments
October 16, 2013 Tech Cocktail Bill Miller Invests $4.5M In DC-Based Startup Personal
October 16, 2013 Bisnow Personal Has New Money and Big Plans
October 16, 2013 PandoDaily Personal raises $4.5M from Bill Miller
October 15, 2013 Reuters Personal raises $4.5 million to be the personal data vault we so desperately need
October 15, 2013 Venture Beat Personal raises $4.5 million to be the personal data vault we so desperately need
October 15, 2013 The Washington Post D.C.-based tech startup gets $4.5 million investment
October 15, 2013 Washington Business Journal lands $4.5 million led by Legg Mason's Bill Miller
October 15, 2013 All Things D Privacy Startup Personal Raises $4.5M
October 15, 2013 Ted's Take Personal Raises Another Round of Venture Capital
October 2, 2013 Forbes One Easy Way To Stop Target And Other Companies From Selling Your Data
September 1, 2013 Wired Doc Searls pondering surveillance and privacy
August 6, 2013 Privacy Perspectives Why I Haven’t Yet Given Up Hope on Contracting Around Personal Data
July 30, 2013 MIT Technology Review If Facebook Can Profit from Your Data, Why Can’t You?
July 30, 2013 Huffpost Live Selling Personal Data
July 26, 2013 The Huffington Post Are Your Kids Hiding Their Apps?
July 24, 2013 Forbes Don't Want Trackers Watching Your Web And Smartphone Activity? This Start-up's For You.
July 23, 2013 Campus Technology Lone Star College System
July 23, 2013 News 10 ABC-Sacramento KXTV Online Indentity Protection
July 17, 2013 Sustainable Brands What Internet Citizens Should Know About the Personal Data Economy
July 14, 2013 ABC 10 News Compute: Protect yourself from identity theft
July 14, 2013 The Washington Post Cvent filing gives a peek at who made what there
June 26, 2013 Ctrl-Shift News A New Move Accelerating the Shift in the Personal Data Landscape
June 24, 2013 Washington Business Journal, amid shift in strategy, partners with FileThis
June 21, 2013 The Washington Post The Download: Personal turns to partners to grow its customer base
June 14, 2013 Ctrl-Shift News What's the Right Model for Personal Data Stores?
June 13, 2013 UberStories Personal Emerges Out of Beta
June 12, 2013 The Information Age Tool of the Day:
June 5, 2013 Washington Business Journal Yes, is charging. But it's got something bigger in mind.
May 3, 2013 TechHive How to get your online assets in order for when you die
April 25, 2013 USA Today Startup helps health insurance cards go digital
April 24, 2013 Fast Company Have an unhealthily close relationship with google? Diversify your data
April 24, 2013 Gigaom How a virtual health insurance card could help doctors reduce bad debt
April 23, 2013 DisCo A Rising Tide of Data, Partnered with Privacy by Design, Will Lift All Boats
April 4, 2013 RetailWire BrainTrust Query: Please Track Me?
March 27, 2013 DataInformed App for Business and Consumers Encrypts Social Media Posts for Privacy Data Informed
March 19, 2013 Quartz Up to half of what online advertisers think they know about you is wrong
March 19, 2013 Executive Travel ET's Favorite Travel Apps for 2013
March 5, 2013 Venture Beat Your weakest link: All those online accounts you’ve forgotten about
February 19, 2013 Government Executive Who Are You? Four Trends in Identity Management
February 18, 2013 The Financial Times Data mining offers rich seam
January 18, 2013 Washington Post D.C. data security start-up Personal adds online auto-fill function to data vaults
January 16, 2013 Digital Trends’s new Fill It app makes quick work of long online forms
January 8, 2013 Mashable Apply for Scholarships in a Flash With 'Personal for Education' App
December 30, 2012 Washington Post The Download: Local tech execs, investors offer their 2013 forecast
December 27, 2012 The Washington Post Business Profiting From Publicly Available Data
December 15, 2012 The Economist Know Thyself
December 10, 2012 World Economic Forum Data as a Human Right
December 6, 2012 DataInformed To Protect Privacy, Personal Builds Business Model to Trade on Consumers’ ‘Small Data’
November 30, 2012 Popular Mechanics How to Beat Shady Data Dealers: Selling Our Own Info
November 6, 2012 MIT Sloan Management Review When Social Networks and Analytics Intersect
November 2, 2012 Tech Cocktail Tarik Kurspahic: Control and Protect Your Data With Personal
November 1, 2012 Mayor Vincent C. Gray Signs Tech-Sector-Incentives Bill
October 31, 2012 Privacy by Design Putting control of personal data where it belongs – with the individual!
October 31, 2012 Politico Hot Doc: One Privacy Paper to Read This Week
October 31, 2012 Privacy by Design Privacy by Design and the Emerging Personal Data Ecosystem
October 29, 2012 InformationWeek Five Emerging Enterprise Technologies
October 14, 2012 The Washington Post Capital Business FroZenYo Puts Other Countries On Menu
October 2, 2012 ProgrammableWeb Personal API
September 26, 2012 Technology Takes Over Travel
September 11, 2012 Venture Beat’s secure ‘vault’ can store your most sensitive data in the cloud
September 5, 2012 New Scientist Net worth: Reclaiming our personal data
August 15, 2012 Appvita Personal: Keep Private Information Secure
August 12, 2012 Washington Post As Washington's Tech Sector Diversifies And Matures, Can It Power a New Local Economy?
August 6, 2012 Windley's Technometria Services In the Personal Cloud Operaring System
August 5, 2012 Business 2 Community You've Heard of CRM, But Do You Know VRM
August 1, 2012 CNN Money/Fortune The Emerging Market That Could Kill the iPhone
July 12, 2012 MIT Technology Review A Dollar For Your Data
July 12, 2012 PC World Personal Data Vaults Put You in Control of Your Data Online
July 3, 2012 Network World We Do Not Need Do Not Track Legislation
June 15, 2012 Washington Post The Download: Georgetown Tech Company Sees Big Opportunities in Small Data
June 8, 2012 Marketplace Tech Taking control of your personal data
June 7, 2012 Splice Vine Personal
June 4, 2012 Project VRM Coming to Terms
May 22, 2012 Gigaom The cost of losing a customer's trust
May 16, 2012 Mashable Transparency: The Key to Collecting and Using Customer Data
May 7, 2012 Tech Crunch Personal Takes Its Secure Vault For All Of Your Private, Digital Data Mobile With iOS App
May 7, 2012 Gigaom Personal lets people get the most of their small data
May 7, 2012 Fast Company Creates An Online Vault To Manage All Your Data
May 2012 World Economic Forum Rethinking Personal Data: Strengthening Trust
March 19, 2012 The Atlantic How Much Is Your Data Worth? Mmm, Somewhere Between Half a Cent and $1,200
March 15, 2012 Tech Cocktail Personal, Your Private Network and Data Vault
March 14, 2012 USA Today At SXSW, startups make the scene
March 13, 2012 The Agenda My Digital Footprint
March 13, 2012 PC World Hot Apps and Web Services of SXSW
March 8, 2012 Campaigns and Elections On The Hill: Personal's Shane Green
February 27, 2012 CNN Manage ( and make cash with?) Your Data Online
February 12, 2012 New York Times Start-Ups Seek to Help users Put a Price on Their Personal Data
January 17, 2012 Adweek Whose Life Is It, Anyway?
November 30, 2011 MIT Technology Review Is Personal Data the New Currency?
November 18, 2011 AdAge Personal Data: A Life-Management Platform
November 17, 2011 The Economist Why Your Personal Data Is the New Oil
November 10, 2011 Mashable Never Fill Out a Form Again? Personal Seeks to Be the Data Vault for Your Private Information
October 6, 2011 Harvard Business Review Consumers Are Ready To Manage Their Own Data
June 26, 2011 Washington Post Web site Helps People Profit From Information Collected About Them
May 29, 2011 Washington Post The Download: Six Serial Entrepreneurs Share Lessons from The Trenches
May 26, 2011 PRWeb Personal and Passtouch Receive Innovator Spotlight Award at Privacy innovation Conference
May 11, 2011 PRWeb Twelve Start-Ups Names to Innovator Spotlight Program at 2nd Annual Privacy Innovation Conference
May 5, 2011 Business Insider Thoughts On Data Privacy And The "Penny Gap"
January 7, 2011 Vator News Personal Secures $7.6M To Secure Your Data
January 6, 2011 Tech Crunch Personal Raises $7M From Steve Case and Other To Help Consumers Protect Their Digital Data