Goodbye from TeamData

In 2009 we set out to shape a better connected future for individuals and the way personal data is created, stored and shared. In August of 2017, we merged with and continue to do great things under the umbrella.

We continued to operate the TeamData service for the many dedicated individuals that had joined us over the years, but have been unable to allocate resources to improving it. We gave it our all, but regret to announce that it is time to say goodbye. The TeamData service will shut down on March 1, 2020.

If you have data stored in your TeamData account that you want to download, you can use our export function to get it in CSV or Excel format, zipped and encrypted with your password. You may also choose to delete your data proactively, although it will be deleted for you when the service shuts down. The export and delete functions are found under:

Log In > Your Profile Photo > Account Settings > Storage, Export & Delete

As always, we do not have access to your data and cannot recover it for you. Your data will not be transferred to any other entity and will be entirely deleted when the service shuts down.

Thank you for your support and for sharing this journey with us. It was our privilege to serve you and have you as part of our community.

If you'd like to keep the fight going, check out our work at and join our effort there.

The TeamData Team

PS - A few important notes about exporting your data:

1. The export function works by creating a download and then emailing you the link to get it. Please check your SPAM folder for your primary email address as seen in Account Settings > Profile & Account > Email aliases if you cannot find the email from TeamData notifying you that your download is ready.

2. If you continue to experience issues with your primary email address, you can add a new email alias to your TeamData account, set it to be the primary email address and then verify it. This will change the email address where we send your download notification when it is ready.

3. We do not have access to your data and cannot recover it for you. Please don't send support requests asking us to help you recover your password or data.

4. If you are on a Mac and are having issues decrypting or expanding the .zip file and getting to your data, you will need to download a different .zip file utility like the free: The Unarchiver found on the Mac App Store: