Data Sharing for Rockstar Administrative Assistants Made Easy

The most important information for the people you support organized and always up to date

Start saving time!

Travel Booking

Do you book flights, hotels & rental cars for people you support? Are you and they always looking for the latest travel and account info? TeamData will help you and them organize everything using easy work flows.

Now, when you sign them up for a new rewards program, just add it to TeamData and you will both have immediate access. And unlike email and texts, our encryption keeps sensitive information safe.

Customer Stories

TeamData has become essential at the office and at home. I can't calculate how much time it's saved me and those I support.

Anna R., Administrative Assistant


Are you drowning in usernames and passwords at work? Is everyone constantly resetting passwords or creating accounts without giving you the info you need?

Your executive, IT, marketing, product, sales, interns, clients and other teams can now have their own sets of shared passwords that stay up to date. No more spread-sheets. No more unsecure emails. No more lost passwords.

Credit Cards & Payments

Do you have a company card or PayPal account that multiple people use to buy software, supplies or meals? Do you use personal credit cards for private purchases for those you support?

With TeamData, you won’t have to borrow the physical card or email sensitive info. Just add cards and give instant access. Anyone can edit. Stop whenever you want.

Data Sharing for Rockstar Administrative Assistants Made Easy

Start saving time!