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How Our Office Manager Uses Personal

Posted on 25 Sep 2015 //    product  case studies

Meet Ann Dierkes, who serves as Office Manager and Executive Assistant at Personal. There is no bigger power user of the Personal Cloud & apps, so we thought we’d do a series of posts asking for her best tips.

How would you best describe Personal?

It helps me manage the noise! It gives me that safe place to store all the important, hard to remember details I need, and makes it easy to manage and share them with others in our company. It also makes it easy for them to share everything with me that I need to support them.

What are the top ways Personal helps you at the office?

It de-clutters my work by letting me have all the information in one place that used to float around my head or in spreadsheets, sticky notes and emails.

Once information is in Personal and I share it with the people who need it, my work is done. I never have to share that information with them again!

And if information does change, I can change it one time and anyone I’m collaborating with is automatically notified and instantly has the new info. They can update my info too. It’s unbelievable how many fewer emails I send and receive.

Can you give us a specific example?

Booking travel is probably my single favorite. We have offices on two continents and I support travel for about 15 people.

Think about all the personal information you need just to book a flight or hotel – legal names, passports, dates of birth, emergency contact info, travel reward info, passwords, credit cards, Global Entry, etc.

That’s literally hundreds of pieces of data, many of which change regularly. I would guess I can book travel in half the time it would take otherwise.

And once everything is organized, the people I support are also more self-sufficient. No more urgent calls or texts asking for a password or account number.