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Launching Personal Platform

Posted on 2 Oct 2012 //    product

Personal Platform

Today, at Mashery's 'Business of APIs' Conference in San Francisco, we launched Personal Platform, a collection of developer tools and APIs that enable developers to build web and mobile apps on Personal. We're excited about Personal Platform for several reasons.

Empowering Developers to Build Great Apps

Personal Platform includes important platform-level privacy and security enhancing features to help developers do what they love: build great apps. We know that developers - especially developers at start-ups - have big ideas and limited resources. Personal Platform gives them a hand with key privacy and security enhancing features, so they can focus on building great apps. These features include:

  • Private Authentication: authenticates users with zero third-party tracking.
  • Secure Data & File Storage: leverages Personal's unique, comprehensive platform for structured data, notes, photos and other files.
  • Secure Share: provides dynamic permissioning between users and even enables sharing with individuals not on Personal.
  • Contact Management: enables network building with contact management features like groups.
  • Fast Implementation: will soon enable native SDK's that developers will be able to leverage with only a few lines of code.

150+ Developers Already Signed Up, First Apps Coming Soon

With today's announcement, we already have more than 150 developers signed up for Personal Platform. And we're just beginning to glimpse the potential of what this new kind of platform can do. here's a sneak peak at the first apps being developed:

  • FileThis for Personal: a cloud-based service, allows consumers to go paperless by securely and automatically fetching their most important online documents from their financial and household accounts every month and delivering them to their Personal account.
  • Password Manager: a mobile app that allows users to securely store their passwords, generate hard passwords, and automatically log into mobile websites on their smartphones.
  • Secure Messenger: a mobile app that allows individuals to send private, secure messages, including attachments and location-based data, back and forth with timed expiration.

This is just the beginning. We are looking forward to seeing developers work their magic when the have these tools in their hands. There are opportunities to build everything from office management and home management apps to quantified self apps and sensitive document managers. Just last week, a woman approached me at DataWeek and said she wanted to build an app on Personal for busy moms. The possibilities are endless.

For more information, check out our Press Release and our Personal Platform developer page.