Our mission

Personal is a pioneer in empowering people with their data. Our user-centric model shifts control of a broad range of data to individuals and teams, allowing them to collaboratively organize, protect and analyze data while ensuring privacy.

Personal was recognized as the first consumer company to implement privacy by design architecture, and our “reverse” license agreement enables individuals and teams to maintain ownership and control of data they share.

The next big leap in productivity

Connecting team members to the vast array of data they need will drive the next generation of advances in productivity and digital innovation at work – and across our lives.

With the rise of powerful apps, artificial intelligence and analytics, that information increasingly needs to be both structured and machine-readable. When data is combined with data from vendors, clients, apps, devices and transactions of all kinds, the potential is limitless.

Personal, Inc. - the team behind TeamData

The executive team of Personal, Inc. has a proven track record in data, privacy, security and building scalable data platforms. They previously founded The Map Network, which was acquired by Nokia/NAVTEQ, where they led the location data division with 100 million daily users and 800 enterprise customers.

Shane Green Co-founder & CEO

Tarik Kurspahic Co-founder / Chief Technology Officer

Vedad Kirlic VP Development

Bruno Omerovic VP Front End Development


  • Eric Anderson

    Chairman, CEO, Intentional Software;
    Co-founder, Planetary Resources & Space Adventures

  • Shane Green

    Co-founder & CEO,

  • Eric Semler

    President, TCS Capital Management

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