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We know managing data isn’t any fun

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TeamData has become essential at the office and at home. I can't calculate how much time it's saved me and those I support.

Anna R., Administrative Assistant

TeamData works wherever you work

  • Available on web, mobile, browser extension and as Office 365 add-in
  • Information automatically syncs between team members and across devices
  • Notifications let you know when something has changed

We have solutions for every team size

  • Free for teams under 5 (with a max. data storage limit)
  • Premium and professional plans for teams up to 1,000
  • Enterprise solutions through our certified partners for larger teams
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A new model for security, trust and control

  • Only you hold the keys to your TeamData account
  • Protected by bank level encryption and Privacy by Design architecture
  • Supports both company and employee ownership of data
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